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Damn Nice Bandsaw

Written by Glen Huey on April 20, 2015

'This past weekend I taught a one-day class with the Central Indiana Woodworkersduring which we built a small box with corner inlay. Additionally, the plan was to make and install a few sand-shaded fans, but time ran out before most of the group got there. As I prepped materials for the fans on Friday, I looked at a few options including purchasing veneer (it’s sooo thin), my table saw (a pain in the tuckus) and a bandsaw. Bandsaw it was.

For years I’ve owned and used an old Delta machine, but when we started 360 Woodworking, Chuck brought in his Laguna 1412. (He reviewed the saw when it was new and liked it so much that he bought it for his shop.) While I’ve used it on occasion, I decided making thin sheets of shop-cut veneer would be a great test.

I set up the cut, grabbed a leftover hunk of tiger maple and gave it a go. Each cut was smooth. Each piece was a consistent thickness from edge to edge and top to bottom. The only two pieces I lost were the first piece that squared the hunk. and the first cut after I rotated the block to pull veneer off the face of the board. Needless to say, I was impressed.

If you’re in the market for a new bandsaw, make sure you take a look at Laguna. Below you can see the setup and the results I had.'

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Woodworker's Journal - Readers' Choice Award
The Laguna Tools 14|Twelve Bandsaw

Reader's Survey - Readers' Choice Awards

Stationary and Benchtop Tools
Laguna's 14|Twelve bandsaw resaws wide boards and brings the benefits of European styled band saws into the 110-volt world of the home wood-worker. The tool is priced to sell - something which might surprise long-time Laguna watchers - and the groovy industrial-looking worklight add-on? Well, that might just be what pushed this tool to the top of our readers' list.

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Extreme How-To Tool of the Month Feature for January
The Laguna Tools 14|Twelve Bandsaw

The Unexpected 14|Twelve Laguna Tools bandsaw. This is Laguna’s first foray into the 110 Volt segment.

Laguna Tools is a global leader in affordable CNC technology for the wood, plastic, non-ferrous, and aerospace industries. The privately owned company is based in Irvine, CA, and has a more-than-31-year history of product innovation. The company prides itself on sourcing the very finest machine components worldwide to ensure that Laguna Tool products offer the highest and most reliable performance. Laguna Tools products are sold worldwide both direct to the consumer as well as through a network of authorized Laguna Tools dealers.

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Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw
Benchmark Study

ToolMetrix provides this evaluation of the Laguna 14|12 Bandsaw as an engineering consulting service to Laguna Tools. We have made every effort to ensure a fair, non-biased evaluation with the intention that the information provided within can fuel ideas for future innovation in the Laguna product line. We have also endeavored to provide useful, objective information to woodworkers who are interested in the capabilities of the 14|12 bandsaw.

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14 Twelve Product Review


The Laguna is full of smart features. No tools are needed to install a blade and adjust the guides. It has the largest throat of the saws tested, making blade changes much easier, and the aluminum throat plate has leveling screws. The guides are ceramic, a welcome feature on a saw in this price range.

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14 Twelve Product Review

Laguna Tools 14/12 "14 Twelve" Bandsaw

A bandsaw had been on my wish list for a number of years. I had been planning on getting a Rikon 10-325. In February, I heard about the Laguna 1412. While the Rikon was a couple hundred dollars cheaper, I was expecting to want to immediately replace the guides for the difference in price, plus some, it then became a no-brainer. And the Laguna had a mobility kit designed for the saw while the Rikon would need a third party set of wheels. When Woodcraft offered a free worklight with the saw,...
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To star off I only gave it 5 stars because Lumberjocks wont let me go higher. I just got the Laguna Tools 14 12 Bandsaw and it took just shy of a month to get everything. The bandsaw was back ordered and I was told their blade machine was down. Talked with their customer service and had no issues with the status. They also told me because of were I live and the 0 degree highs we have been having they told me when I do get the saw untension the blade as they have had reports of the cold weathe...
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Product: LAGUNA 14|Twelve Bandsaw (sku: MBA1412175)
Review id: 18

Title: Very nice
Nickname: Phil

Workmanship and features are head and shoulders above the Rikon which now resides in a corner of my shop.  Blade guides and table adjustment features are excellent.  Although it is a 110 volt model I have yet to find this to be an issue.  Plenty of power for all the resawing I have done so far.


14 Twelve Product Review

Laguna 14|Twelve Bandsaw | Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

You'd be hard pressed to find a 14-inch bandsaw with the combination of build quality, rich feature set, and competitive price that the Laguna 14|Twelve offers.


You are more likely to find a 14" bandsaw in woodworking shops than any other size - particularly in smaller workshops, and among hobbyist woodworkers. There are several reasons for this. A bandsaw is probably the most versatile shop machine, it doesn't take up much floor space, and it's one of the easiest and safest machines to use. While it doesn't have the crosscutting ability of a table or miter saw, a bandsaw is superb for ripping rough and dimensional lumber to size, resawing lumber into shop-made veneer, cutting curves, circles, and irregular shapes, and cutting a variety of joinery, including tenons, lap joints, bridle joints, box joints, and tail boards for dovetails.

Laguna's new 14|Twelve bandsaw offers a compromise for those wanting a larger resaw capacity and greater motor power than found on most 14" saws, yet can be plugged into a standard 110/120V, 15 amp outlet. In this review I'll share my impressions about what I feel are the key features of this new bandsaw.

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14 Twelve Product Review

Tool Test: Laguna’s ‘14-Twelve’ Band Saw

Categories: February 2014 #209 • Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index
Article Index | December 11, 2013 | Comments 0

A tool manufacturer does its homework to build a better band saw.

by Chuck Bender
page 14

The Laguna 14-Twelve band saw has the look and feel of a machine thrice its price. There’s a lot to like about this machine and the price makes it almost irresistible. Coming in at just under $1,100 ($1,345 with the mobile base and work light) puts it right in line with other manufacturers’ mid-range 14″ band saws.

The Laguna has plenty of oomph, with a 13⁄4-horsepower motor; most other band saws in this class are 11⁄2 hp or less. (Grizzly’s saw is the exception with a 2-hp motor.) It might not seem like much, but when you’re resawing wide material, every bit of power counts. The great thing is you get all that power and can still plug the machine into a standard household outlet.

The body of the saw is a one-piece construction, which gives it rigidity and stability. Some lighter-weight saws with two-piece bodies allow for the addition of a riser block for wider resaw work. The Laguna 14-Twelve has that additional height built in, giving you 13″ of resaw capacity.

Read the complete tool test.

Contact: or 800-234-1976
Street price: $1,097

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14 Twelve Product Review

Editor's Review: High-End Bandsaw that Won't Break the Budget

by Roland Johnson
review date: December 5, 2013

Last winter, while touring with The Woodworking Shows, I saw a prototype of the Laguna 14/Twelve bandsaw and was impressed. Now, after using a production model of the saw for a few weeks in my own shop, I highly recommend it.

First off, I like the scale of this machine. It’s compact, yet you get a 14-in. throat and generous 12-in. resaw capacity. The 16-in. by 21-1⁄2-in. table rivals that of many larger bandsaws, and the massive trunnions keep the table stable, even when tilted.

The 1-3⁄4-hp motor has plenty of power, and it works on 120-volt circuits (can be rewired for 240 volts). Stout cast-iron wheels, with polyurethane tires, provide vibration-free inertia and smooth operation.

What I really like about the saw is that it comes with easy-to-set ceramic guides. These high-end guides are not typically found on bandsaws in this price range, a nod to the value inherent in this machine. The super-stout upper guide post works smoothly and moves accurately throughout its travel, a boon for resawing. The saw’s 5-1⁄2-in.-tall fence is perfect for resawing, but it’s easily flipped down for ripping too. I found the table-mounted scale to be very accurate when referencing the fence. Dust collection is great, thanks to a 4-in. port just below and behind the lower guides.

Other small details that add big benefits include a window in the upper frame that makes it easy to track the blade. Laguna also placed a convenient electrical outlet on the back of the saw for a worklight. Finally, the oversize throat plate features leveling screws so there are no hang-ups while you saw.

All in all, this is a well-engineered bandsaw with big-time features at an affordable price. The mobility kit ($150) and work light ($100) are options worth considering.


Laguna 1412 Band Saw

'I have been a professional guitarmaker for 41 years. If there is one thing I have learned is to always push yourself as much past your comfort zone as possible when buying tools. I started with a normal 14" Delta bandsaw and then several years ago moved up to the 18" Rikon after a good FW woodworking review. I struggled for years to get the Rikon to resaw properly and invested hundreds of dollars in new fences and blades....all to no avail. A few months ago I spent 2K on a 16" Laguna and was absolutely amazed. Then, when I saw the 14/12, I purchased that to replace another smaller band saw I had. The new laguna 14/12 is just an amazing VALUE....yes, I said VALUE!!!! With the options I ordered, it ended up running about $1400 delivered. An absolutely amazing saw! I am not the kind of person to buy expensive cars, wines, watches or any of that stuff. I love cameras, but I know that a more expensive camera will NOT make me a better photographer. But I will always push myself to my financial limits to buy the best tools I can....they have always exceeded my expectations, especially when upgrading from something I previously bought at a price range that was "comfortable" for me...'(

"...Please note the new Laguna saw is absolutely awesome!! I cannot imagine a better 14" 110V band saw!..."


Sadowsky Guitars Ltd

Laguna 1412 Band Saw; A Cut Above

By: Paul Mayer on October 9, 2013
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I’m not the most patient soul, but after a long search for a band saw upgrade I finally found the one that I wanted; the Laguna 1412. The problem lied in the fact that it was still in prototype phase when I learned about it, and would not ship for another year. Could I wait this long? Well, truth be told I already had a pretty nice band saw and I didn’t really need an upgrade (my wife will corroborate this), so although it was not my happiest year you will be pleased to know that I got through it and I now have a 1412 on my shop floor.

So, why the upgrade? 
My previous band saw, a 14” 1 HP American style band saw, was performing well and doing nearly everything that I asked of it. Between my father and me, this saw has gotten plenty of use and we were reasonably happy with it, but it was not great at resawing. Yes, I could do some resawing on my old saw, but the setup process required delicate tuning and the results were hit and miss for me. I would describe it as finicky, and because of this I found that I avoided resawing for the most part. I will accept that some of this was due to operator error, as I have seen George Vondriska make resawing look easy on a saw less powerful than mine, but I was looking for a “resaw easy button”. To be clear, I don’t feel a need for blinding throughput speed when I am resawing because I don’t do it that often and when I do I am typically milling only a few board feet for a project. But when I have a need to resaw, I would like to do it with minimal fuss, and experience sweet success every time. No waves, no tapers, no barrel cuts; just flat, consistent hardwood slices.

Why Laguna? 
After following this evolving market for years, I gravitated to Laguna band saws for a few reasons. The Laguna guides are so simple and effective; it just seems like the right design. Their fences are solid, versatile and simple. Also, these guys have a clear passion for band saws and I have felt that they have led much of the innovation in this tool category over the past decade or so. And, OK, I will also admit that the stylish design of their band saws might have been a small secondary factor. I have never seen my wife so excited about a woodworking tool as when I invited her into the shop for a peek at the 1412 and she exclaimed “Oh my gosh! It looks like a BMW!”.

Why the 1412?
This design seemed to have all of capabilities that I had been looking for. I believe that it was designed with the “occasional resawer” in mind, with a stout European frame, ample capacity for resawing (the specifications say up to 12” but read on and I will show you that I successfully pushed that a bit), and the same guide system found on Laguna’s higher end band saws. Another appealing attribute for me was the ability to run the saw on 110V power. I have 220V power available in my shop, but once I wire an outlet for a 220V tool I feel that it is locked into that location. The 110V option allows me to move it around the shop easily. The saw can also be wired for 220V but I don’t see any reason to do this in my situation. With a 14 amp motor there is plenty of electrical headroom to run this saw on my 20 amp circuits.

Remarkable Power. With a 1-3/4 HP motor on the 1412, I expected to find some improvement over the ¾ – 1HP 14” band saws on which I have had most of my experience, but the actual difference was more noticeable than I anticipated. The saw has 13” between the table and the upper blade guide (although Laguna conservatively rates it at 12” resaw capacity), but could it really resaw a 13” plank? I happened to have a 13” wide plank of 4/4 cherry in my lumber rack, so I gave it a try. Honestly, I didn’t think it could perform this task in a way where I would ever want to do it again, as I have attempted this on other saws with an unpleasant outcome. I figured that would be the compromise, and the reason why many people with similar requirements to mine buy more powerful 220V band saws. I was on Cloud Nine when the saw completed this task without breaking a sweat. Seriously; a 13” resaw with no tweaking, no wrecking stock on the first three attempts? And no indication of strain during the cut? I originally planned to publish a recommended “real world” maximum resaw cut height to properly set expectations. I expected that this value would likely land in the 9-10” range, which would call Laguna onto the carpet for a bit of marketing exaggeration, but my actual finding is that Laguna has sandbagged a bit on this front, and the saw can comfortably exceed their own specification.

Excels at curved cuts, too. In addition to solid resaw performance, the 1412 also works well at cutting curves, as the Laguna Guides steer the blade and minimize deflection while the work piece is steered through the cut. The project in the picture is a cutting board that I like to make by stacking two boards and cutting the pattern on a band saw. When building this design on other band saws I used to perform an additional step, where I would have to sweeten up the joints using a router with a template and guide to eliminate the gaps left where the blade would flex as it changed direction in the cut. Using the 1412 I can go directly from the saw to the glue-up table because the guides hold the blade so solidly that there is virtually no blade deflection when the work piece changes direction during the cut. This was an unexpected bonus with the 1412.

Quick blade change. The blade change process is quick and painless on the 1412, due to the quick release lever, the nicely designed magnetic release blade guard and the easily accessible blade path.

Quality components throughout.When I first heard about this saw, and the low price point, I was concerned that I would find some compromises on quality upon close inspection, but this has simply not been the case. Here’s a look at a few standout attributes of the 1412:

Any downsides?
For a saw at this price point I’m hard pressed to name a significant functional downside. Although not uncommon, the motor is made in Taiwan (I’m sure that’s the only way that Laguna could deliver a saw of this quality at such a low price point) so that will be a question mark for me, and only time will tell whether that becomes a problem. As I continue to use the saw I will provide updates if I experience any problems with the motor or anything else related to the saw.

Customer support experience
I encountered some minor hiccups during the setup of the 1412 that I could have worked through on my own, but when I am writing a story on a stationary tool I like to get some exposure to the customer service for the company. I called in and was immediately transferred to a technician who spent a half hour on the phone with me, not only answering my questions but taking the time to explain some additional tips for band saw work. He was extremely knowledgeable and seemed to know the 1412 pretty well in spite of the fact that it had been on the market for less than a week and I was the first customer to call in with a question. If this saw performs over the years as well as I expect, I won’t be spending much time on the phone with Laguna support, but it’s good to know that they have both the ability and the commitment take care of any problems that may arise.

For me, this saw is a great value and was a tremendous upgrade from my previous band saw. For professionals with volume production resaw requirements, you’ll probably want to step up to a saw with bigger wheels, larger blade capacity, and more power. But for my needs, and those of most hobbyist and small shop professionals, the capacity, performance and value of the Laguna 1412 are superb. In terms of the saw’s design, construction, performance and value, Laguna has knocked it out of the park with this band saw.

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