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Laguna 14BX Bandsaw  
Author: Chris Marshall / Woodworker's Journal
Review Date:11/3/2015  

If you’re looking for a buy-it-once-and-done band saw, consider Laguna’s new 14BX. It features a European-style steel frame with a pyramid-shaped spine for rigidity. Inside, cast-iron flywheels provide helpful rotational mass to drive blades as wide as ¾-in. through your densest stock for heavy-duty cuts and resawing. It will resaw material up to 12-in. wide. The 14BX also comes with Laguna’s ceramic blade guides that offer long-term durability and stay cool during use. A quick-release blade guide sets or releases blade tension easily, and a caliper-type disk brake, activated by a foot pedal, stops the cutting action rapidly when needed.

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Italian LT16 HD Bandsaw  
Name: Jeffrey
Review Date:4/6/2013 4:03 am  
Rating: 5

I think they should change the name of this thing to the 16SHD (Super Heavy Duty). Until you see it in person you have no idea what an animal this thing is. It is seriously built like a tank. The guide post is the sturdiest and most robust I have ever seen. Everything on this saw screams power and quality. Combined with my 1.25" resaw king I am a very very happy customer. I have never seen the 3000 series but I can tell you this... If you have the money spring for the HD and you will not be sorry.

LT18 3000 Series Bandsaw  
Name: Wayne H.
Review Date:6/20/2012 1:57 pm    
Rating: 5

"About a year ago I purchased an Laguna LT18 from Rick Kerrigan with Laguna in Calif. The experience with Laguna began with hearing the beautiful British accent of the nice lady who answers the phone. Rick, my sales rep gave me a good price and was so nice and personable that it was very easy doing business with him. And his trustworthy manner gave me the confidence that I was dealing with a great company. Later when I needed some assistance with operating the machine, I found Jason, Brian and Frank (really all of the customer service folks) to be just like talking with family.

I couldn't be happier with my bandsaw! If you want the experience of purchasing a tool and getting good old fashioned, down to earth courteous service, call Laguna at (800-234-1976). That's what I did!

I hope that the Laguna folks will pass this unsolicited testimony on to others.
Thanks Rick and everyone for the bandsaw and for the friendship that we have developed."

- - Wayne H.


LT18 3000 Series Bandsaw  
Name: Brad S.
Review Date:6/20/2012 1:41 pm    
Rating: 5

A quick note to let you know the great results I'm having with the LT18 3000 Series bandsaw, especially when combined with the DriftMaster fence. I have used other bandsaws from other companies, companies with names that most woodworkers would immediately recognize. However, in my opinion, none of these other saws is even in the same league as the LT18. For example, I gave up trying to cut decent veneers on my other saws; the results were consistently non-uniform, non-repeatable, and set-up was far too cumbersome. Additionally, the other saws were terribly underpowered and would frequently bog down or stop entirely. Results from the other saws were very disappointing.

In contrast, I can simply start up the LT18 and get consistent and repeatable veneers, which are wafer-thin and even, with almost no set-up time. I am extremely pleased with the LT18 Series 3000 saw. Also, as a former R&D engineer here in Silicon Valley, I can fully appreciate the structural and functional refinements Laguna has built into this tool.

One more comment. I had read numerous stories on the web about Laguna's lack of customer service. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, my saw was re-routed by the freight company and did not arrive with the rest of my shipment. Jason quickly contacted the freight company, got the order back on track, and got my saw delivered. He followed up with me immediately to verify each step of the process and even sent me an additional Resaw King blade for my trouble - even though it was not Laguna's fault!

As a result of your outstanding tools and customer service, Laguna will be my first choice for equipment going forward.


MBAND145200 - Laguna 14" SE Bandsaw (Requires Stand)  
Name: William
Review Date:7/8/2012 7:20 am 
Rating: 5

After long hours of searching for the perfect 14" bandsaw I found the Lt14 se. I was sold i bought the mobile base and resaw master fence, which is a must. The saw preforms excellent i cut my own beveled siding with it and resaw lumber up to 12" wide with relative eas. I also use it for jointery cuts such as tendon's and dovetails. my next bandsaw will be a larger laguna like the resaw master. However I will still keep my 14" se.

Italian LT16 HD Bandsaw
Name: Rob Z.
Review Date:12/16/2012 7:10 am    
Rating: 5

Bought this to replace a 14" Jet with the roller bears and riser block. What an improvement, and not just the power. This bandsaw resaws like a champ. Setup can take some time, but the number of test cuts is 1 or 2 everytim, and usually because I measured wrong. I do not have to account for the saw being misaligned. The ceramic guides are quieter and work better than roller bearings. This is a great product and I will not have to upgrade my bandsaw again (although the DeWalt planer's days are looking slim).

Italian LT16 HD Bandsaw
Name: Eric S.
Review Date:10/29/2012 2:30 pm    
Rating: 5

I own the older version of the 16HD bandsaw that has a 3HP motor and a slightly shorter overall blade length. The saw cuts like a dream. I can easilly cut wafer thin veneer of consistent thickness simply using the fence. There is little to no drift. I'm using a 1.125" resaw blade and this thing cuts like a dream. The motor upgrade to 4.5HP in the new saw makes this about perfect as the old 3HP motor would run out of legs and get warm when resawing thick hard maple.

28" Horizontal Bandsaw
Name: Dino P.
Review Date:1/17/2012 1:53 pm          
Rating: 4

Great machine very valuable in creating veneers 3/16"-1/8" thick or thicker. One thing to watch for is the table elevating bolt, undersized for the weight.





Resaw King Bandsaw Blade  
Name: Ted G.
Review Date:3/31/2010 6:44 am
Rating: 5

ReSaw King Shipment
Morning Ben, 

This is a quick note to let you know the Resaw King blade arrived on Monday, March 29th. Very fast service and shipping...thank you.

I have owned a 16" Laguna bandsaw for the past five years. Six years ago I got to see one in action at the Toronto Woodworking Show. Torben, from Laguna, did the demonstration at the show. He took time and spoke to me briefly afterwards and answered the questions I had. I knew I had to have one. A year later I attended the show again with intent to purchase and met Jay, from Laguna, at the booth. I sealed a deal with Jay but not before he tried to convince me to go for the Resaw King blade. I was impressed with the blade demonstration but I didn’t feel it was worth the expense. I ended up getting instead the more affordable 3 tpi 1 inch regular bandsaw blades at a much lower cost. The blades and machine have worked just fine for the past few years while working with oak, pine and cedar.

This past winter I embarked on making a new workbench. My old faithful bench was getting a little "long in the tooth" and no longer suitable for the way I worked. My new bench top was made with four inch sugar maple and black cherry. I have to admit that the bandsaw was finally "taxed" to its limitations ripping thick hard maple. I was still using the original 3 tpi blades from when I got the saw. Last week I decided to break down and order the Resaw King. When I went to Laguna’s website I was redirected to the Canadian Woodworker website as an authorized Laguna distributer.

I installed the blade when it arrived on Monday and I have been in the shop for the past two days kicking its tires. I wish I had listened to Jay when I bought the saw. This blade is nothing short of amazing! I ripped some of the leftover 4" hard maple stock from my workbench. It cut like a hot knife through butter. I tried resawing some 12’ wide pine. I consistently cut 1/8" veneers with constant thickness! I resawed some 8" wide black cherry and there was no scorching. My Laguna bandsaw has never performed like this. Being frugal (a nicer word than "cheap") five years ago ended up being a big mistake.

Thanks again for your help.

Ted G.

p.s. I humbly accept the "I told you so" if Jay gets a copy of this note.

Resaw King Bandsaw Blade  
Name: Michael L.
Review Date:1/18/2013 1:24 am  
Rating: 5

I have been using my resaw king in my 14SE for over five years and the cuts are still fantastic. I have been using it to cut accurate veneers and recently all of my tenons. When my bandsaw is dialed in, it cuts my joinery perfectly. I would not even consider using other blade on my bandsaw. It really turns your bandsaw into a precision tool. Will buy another when this one wears out.




Platinum Series 12" 5 Function Combination Machine 8' Slider
Name: Steve W.
Review Date:10/29/2011 6:15 pm         
Rating: 4

I have had my Laguna 5 in1 combo for a about 3 years now. I think I bought one of the very first ones, and I know I had the very first one with a 8.5' slider option. The saw came in a wood crate and was well packed and easy to assemble with nothing missing.
The few things I found that were not to my satisfaction were only small and Laguna took good care of me after the sale. This machine has saved me so much time in cabinet fabrication and my business time is money, The fast change overs are nice I must say.

I use the machine 80- 90% of the time for it.s sliding tablesaw option.
The jointer is also really nice being so wide.
I've only used the shaper a few times as well as the mortiser, but they both worked very well for me.

The planer is great, but I have a bigger one so use that one, but I noticed the Laguna did a cleaner job. The biggest thing to getting good tablesaw cuts with this saw is setting up the aluminum slider paralel to the blade And it's a must when you're ripping 8' sheet stock, so you must get it right.!! The machine comes with the slider packed seperate so you need to read the instructions carefully and properly, and get it parallel all ways.

The Laguna tech guys were really good on the phone with me (since I'm in BC Canada) so after a few calls we got it running really nice, than I played with it till It was cutting straight and clean. Normally on a tablesaw you don't know if your out a small omount since the fence is so short, but when you rip 8 feet you really see if it's out of line.

I put a different rip fence on mine too, and one with a digital readout on it as well, and this made the saw work for me much better.
The stock fence is strong and works fine though. The machine isn't built like some other more fancy and expensive machines on the market, but it's built well and runs just great for the price point it's sitting at. Why spend another $5,000 for something that does the same job?

There is loads of power on all the stations and the table is one of the nicest and smoothest running I've ever used. I've made a few high end kitchens on my 5 in1 combo plus numberous other projects that have all made my company money, so for me the 5 in 1 has been a great machine overall.

Would I but another one again ?
YES I would.

Well that is my review,

Steve Willgoose /Handcraft Craftsman


Platinum Series 10" Jointer / Planer Combination w/ SCH
Name: William D.
Review Date:12/21/2011 7:41 pm           
Rating: 5

I bought this machine from Laguna direct I have to say the people at Laguna are great they were very helpful in assisting me. Any serious woodworker knows that square and flat stock is the key to producing fine work, the Shear- Tec cutter head on the Laguna planer/jointer combination will do just that, with carbide cutting knives it runs quietly and smoothly. It has plenty of power. The design in the machine allows for a quick changeover between jointing and planer functions. The really good part is the fence can stay on the on the machine when changing over functions. Anyway, you won’t be sorry with this one!


MJOPL104400 10" J/P Shear Tech 2000 Series
Name: Jerry
Review Date:8/25/2012 8:23 pm           
Rating: 5

Great machine! Set up instructions need work but its strait forward enough.the shear tec worth every dime.I will never go back to straight knives .





Laguna IQ PRO CNC Router with B & R Controller - 3HP Spindle Review
Name: DM
Review Date:11/06/2013 10:32 am     
Rating: 4

I purchased my first CNC router in December 2013, after a lengthy process I chose the Laguna IQ. I have since learned a tremendous amount about these units but still continue to learn daily. What I was once paying someone to do for me I now do it myself with my IQ unit. It is a workhorse, with the water cooled spindle I can run it for hours on end with no worries. I am already looking forward to the day that I can purchase my second larger unit.


Laguna IQ HHC Review
Name: Peter S.
Review Date:03/29/2014 9:00 am     
Rating: 5

Laguna IQ HHC Review

Greetings. I’ve owned a Laguna IQ CNC for a few weeks now, and I’m very happy. I’m a CNC novice, and in no way a professional woodworker. But after months of searching the web for information, I’ve been surprised at how little there is out there. This post, I hope, will be helpful to those like me, who just want a taste before diving in. What follows is an account of my own experience as a newbie. It does not purport to be professional advice. But I suspect there are many people out there in my shoes, people wanting to get into the CNC world, and wondering what lies in store. So here goes.

I got the bug to try a CNC many months ago. I have no desire to make quaint signs for boating clubs. I want to make art. My own designs. Everything from foam molds for ceramics to guitars to printed circuit boards, aluminum faceplates for electronic gear, wooden cases, picture frames, templates for old-school woodworkers, architectural details, etc. I wanted no limits – just a machine that could cut whatever I design – across a large spectrum of media and genres. 

So I started investigating available CNC machines. It’s impossible to do this on the internet without running into the Router Bob videos. He’s good, and so I looked at Laguna. I also looked at all the usual suspects at the entry level – Laguna, Camaster, Shark, Shopbot, generic Chinese routers on ebay, you name it. First, I found that there is surprisingly little information out there. I’m used to the pro audio world, where you can find extensive posts on every subtle variation of obscure capacitors produced over the last 60 years. But CNC? Pretty sparse. And if you have a BS detector, you can tell pretty quickly that half of it is trolling by manufacturers. (For the record, I have no affiliation with any manufacturer. I’m a nerd hobbyist in Arizona with no axe to grind. Hell, I wouldn’t even know how to grind an axe.).

I don’t have the space or electrical service to support a 4x8 CNC. I needed something small. So the Laguna IQ looked like a pretty good deal for the price. I checked and checked, but found little in the way of independent reviews except for the Ernie Martinez posts on this forum. Not a pretty picture. But I soon realized that his posts reflected the experience of a novice coming to terms with a new world, not necessarily a bad machine. I am also such a novice, so I soldiered on.

I went with the IQ. First, the main internet criticism seems to be that they are “Chinese.” Well, so is the MacBook Pro I’m using to post this. I’m an American guy, and I want to make stuff right here in the good old US of A. But try to get through a day without using a Chinese product, and you’ll be living in a cave. There are metaphysical debates online about how much of the machine is assembled in the USA and how much is made in China. You know what? I don’t care. I wanted the best deal for the money. (Admit it, so do you.) And I’m not so jingoistic as to think that all Chinese stuff is crap and everything made in the USA works great. Ever drive an American car made in the 70s or 80s? My iPhone seems to be a pretty good piece of kit. And the Chinese make a lot of stuff. I figure they might be good at making machines that make stuff.

So what are the other factors? First, I was totally turned off by the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a CNC just so I could hose clamp a Porter Cable hand router to the business end. I wanted a real spindle, with real variable speed. More on that later. I liked the idea of a water cooled spindle (especially running out of a garage in Arizona). And Chinese or not, the welded frame, the sheer mass of the thing, the all-steel construction really appealed to me. Bottom line: I couldn’t find anything that offered close to these specs within thousands of dollars of the IQ, apart from sketchy ebay sales of generic Chinese routers by sellers who I knew would disappear minutes after I gave them my PayPal account.

So after much fretting, comparative shopping and due respect to Ernie, I placed my order for an IQ HHC in late December. The delivery time was always a little vague. I was hoping for the first week in February, but it never happened. The first week in March, the truck arrived.

During those months of anticipation, I had another choice to make: Software. Faced with the reality that all this stuff is made to run on Windows, I swallowed my pride and installed that sorry OS on a partition on my Apple. (In every other area of my life – professional writing, music production, photography – the best software is made for OSX. In the CNC world, the ONLY software is made for Windows. I guess that when the market is small, developers have to try to capture the biggest share of it, even if it’s on a dying, inferior platform). The Laguna doesn’t run on Windows – the controller loads GCode straight off a USB stick. I LOVE that. But you gotta design and toolpath on something. So I narrowed it down to Aspire or Rhino/RhinoCam. I downloaded demos of both.

Aspire seems like a great product. It’s incredibly intuitive. It’s user-friendly. It has great tutorials. But it’s $2,000. And the design features are seriously lacking. The entire presentation of the software is built around the aesthetic of a Kountry-Kitch’n sign company. So I tried Rhino. Rhino has the aesthetic I was looking for and all the user-friendliness of the guidance computer on Apollo 13. RhinoCam smacks of the Mercury project. But those guys went into space, slide rules and all. So I decided to climb the learning curve. It’s not over yet. But Rhino really can create anything, and I love that.

Rhino is completely impossible to grasp without training. I subscribed to, which has a pretty awesome Rhino 5 course. And I plunked down $1250 for RhinoCam, which got me a dongle. The most valuable USB stick I’ve ever owned, this thing is totally annoying. If you lose it, you’re out $1250. If you don’t have it plugged in at any single moment, look out. But such is life.

The simple fact is that I outgrew Aspire’s design capabilities within a few days of playing with the demo. I doubt I’ll ever truly master Rhino, but it can do anything I can imagine. Toolpathing in Aspire is so easy it’s fun. RhinoCam reminds me a bit of a DOS program. But it can do anything I need it to, if only I tell it EXACTLY what to do. Bottom line: Rhino is a lot less fun for a beginner, but you won’t outgrow it. Rhinocam is just plain time-consuming and frustrating for a novice. But it works inside Rhino, so at least the CAD and CAM are integrated. If money were no object, I’d try a Rhino/Aspire combo, but money is an object. At this point, I’m having a bit less fun than I would with Aspire, but I’m also really learning how to do this in a way that will let me make whatever I want in the future. Nothing worthwhile is easy…

Anyway, the truck arrived. Down it came off the liftgate, and the driver came with a pallet jack that got the crate into my garage. I had built a 48X60 table (which is actually barely large enough) out of 4x4s, 2x8s, double thickness OSB and a whole lot of ½ inch bolts. Ugly but solid. (I also made it 36 inches high – higher than most workbenches, but my back doesn’t get tired standing at the machine at this height). The question was how to get the machine up there? I thought about using 4 guys to just lift the thing, but the size of the table made me realize that it would be a trick even for 4 guys. Probably doable, but I really didn’t want to drop the thing. A rented Genie super lift, several 2x4s and 3 guys got the machine on the table with no stress or damage. Overkill? Perhaps, but this isn’t a refrigerator – it’s precision equipment.

It turns out that I got one of the new IQs – the only picture of it that I know of at this writing is on Router Bob’s Les Paul video. There are some differences between this one and the one I thought I ordered – all of them good. First, the electrical box is meant to be placed on the table, rather than on the floor. It has a speed control that allows variations in 60 RPM increments from 6000-24000 RPM. All the wiring was in place, except for the plug. While waiting for delivery, I wired 240/20A into the garage, and had the right plug ready to go. Second, the stepper motors are covered on the new unit – certainly looks better. Third, those stepper motors have a pulse equivalence of 320, rather than the 160 on the old IQ. Finer control – yay! Fourth, they say it’s faster and stronger than the old IQ. I believe it – I’ve mistakenly put those motors through some torture, and they never lose a step. Fifth, the touch-off puck is different. It doesn’t attach magnetically to the machine, and you have to plug it in every time you use it. Oh well. The last difference I can think of is the dust hood – it uses a 4” hose, and has a door that lets you change tools without removing the whole hood. Cool.

Everything about the machine was perfect when it arrived. The only issue I had was a leak in the water hose to the motor, which was fixed in a few seconds by tightening the nut. So far so good. (Living in Arizona, I filled the bucket with distilled water).

The toolbox that comes with the machine includes several collets and bits. Most of the bits are pretty weird – shapes I don’t expect to use. All are proudly labeled in Chinese. But there are some useful ones, including a 1.125 carbide flycutter. I bought the Laguna introductory bit set, which helped somewhat. But I was quickly online buying a bunch of bits for what I thought I needed.

So there it is. Glistening on the table. What to do now?

Well, the documentation that comes with the machine is very weak. There’s essentially nothing on the HHC controller, except the very basics. As in the setup video, there is the Laguna Tools sign cut into melamine. I flipped the board over, clamped it down, and inserted a ¼ endmill. I found the program, pressed the green button, and it ran like a champ. But wait…the depth of the carving seemed shallower, and some of the detail of the letters just wasn’t there. I never found the answer to this mystery. I have no idea if the program I had was identical to the one they had at Laguna, and no idea if I was using an identical bit. After weeks of using the machine, I can say there’s nothing wrong with it. So I moved on. I started making my own designs, which involved 2d and 3d machining. Wow! The precision of the machine was flawless. I was producing parts that felt like they had been sanded smooth.

Not that it was quite that easy. I made plenty of rookie mistakes along the way. The machine does EXACTLY what you tell it to. You don’t just say “make this.” Each toolpath needs to be double checked to make sure the right regions are selected, the speeds are correct, and above all, the cut levels are properly specified. Regions in Rhino can be curves, surfaces or surface edges. RhinoCam doesn’t like these equally, and it takes trial and error to know which to use for each toolpath type. It turns out that 2D machining is harder than 3D in RhinoCam. The software has tons of options, and is really very flexible. But you’d better know what each of the numbers in each of the various tabs means or you’re going to waste a lot of material. The model, coordinate system, stock alignment and work zero all need to be exactly right. 3D machining is pretty cool (and RhinoCam gives you many more options than Aspire). But you have to check the software. I had a frustrating experience for 2 days in which a program kept crashing the controller halfway through. The culprit? RhinoCam had computed the top Z movement at a little more that a hundered-millionth of an inch. The controller (understandably) couldn’t get that through its head. I changed that number to zero, and all was well.

Next was feeds and speeds. As a guy who had used a hand held router, my instinct said “get it turning pretty fast and move gently (slowly) through the material.” Wrong. It turns out that few tools can handle the high RPM the spindle can produce at any feed rate within the machine’s capabilities. After some trial and error, I find the machine has no trouble doing 125 IPM through hard wood, but it takes an RPM down to 120000-16000 to keep the tool happy. Ideally (according to the calculator) the feed rate would be much higher, but I haven’t pushed the machine that hard yet.

A word about Laguna itself. I read some scary rants on the internet by anonymous posters. My experience has been awesome. These people genuinely support their products. Pretty amazing considering that the machine only cost me $5500. They’ve literally spent hours on the phone with me – apart from the Router Bob training session. Why hours on the phone? Because I didn’t know what I was doing – not because there was a problem with the machine. Almost all of that time was devoted to learning the HHC. As I noted earlier, the documentation is terrible. A better manual, and I wouldn’t have been so dependent. But they stepped up and helped me. I now feel pretty competent with the thing. (Note – I found it helpful to adjust the table size on the controller. I shaved the X axis from 610 to 609, and bumped the Y axis from 1000 to 1025). For genuine customer care in this age of impersonal relations and cost-cutting, I have to give Laguna an A+.

This has been a long review. It hasn’t been easy to gain competence. But not one of my issues has been with the IQ. It delivers everything they promise, and I’m very happy with the purchase.


Laguna HHC IQ CNC Review
Name: Desert Woodworker
Review Date:10/14/2015 03:33 PM     
Rating: 5

Laguna IQ HHC Review

Great high quality machine, that comes with superior customer support. I have owned this model for 2 years and not a problem to report.
• Motor: 3HP 220V / 30 Amp Single Phase
• Spindle: Industrial Induction Spindle, Liquid Cooled
• Spindle RPM: 6,000 – 24,000 RPM
• Controller: Hand Held
• Ball Screw: On All Axis
• Gantry Clearance: 6 inches
• Machine Work Table: 24 inches X 36 inches
• Machine Foot Print: 39½ inches X 50½ inches
• Work Envelope: 24 inches X 36 inches
• Weight: 425lb / 193kg
This machine is considered a desk top model. (It uses 3×5’ work stand) The benefits of the Laguna are:
Liquid cooled spindle. They claim it will run for 10 hours continuously. The machines that use a 3 hp Porter Cable cannot do this. Also, the PC router has about 300 working hours before you have to replace parts vs. spindle 1,000’s of hours. They are not cheap but it the price is worth it.
Hand held controller (HHC) – You do not need a dedicated computer in the shop. I make my designs in the office…. Put the “tool paths” onto a USB stick and take it to the shop. I was apprehensive about it because I was ignorant to the fact that is a well founded method of CNCing. Very easy to use and control the machine.

The software that I use V-Carve and Cut 3d then shortly after upgraded to Vetric Aspire. (5 stars)
Conclusion, I recommend this machine and software to those who want an industrial machine in the shop. As for $$$ make sure that you compare apples to apples.

The only training that I needed is supplied by the manufactures and You Tube.
Yes there are less expensive options. I leave you with this comparison do you want a Steel City or Saw Stop table saw? Both will cut lumber. Also, you may view some of my work at


SmartShop II ATC CNC Router
Name: M Lee
Review Date:11/06/2013 10:32 am     
Rating: 5

I have been using a CNC router for the past 7 years.  I just upgraded to my Laguna SmartShop II ATC a couple months ago.  When I bought my first CNC Router, I really didn’t know what I was going to use it for.  I had just sold out of a business that I began 25 years ago.   I wanted to expand my shop and offer customers a service that no one in my area could offer.  I started out making custom wooden signs for lake homes, farms, and businesses.  I still do some of that, but the shop has evolved into  more of a manufacturing facility.  I currently make all of the machined plastic parts for ActionTrack Chair (an all terrain wheel chair company).  I also cut shipping boards for an electronic component company and machine parts for a big commercial packaging company.  The Laguna changed the way that my shop “flows”.  I LOVE the automatic tool changer!  It is so efficient to use multiple tools for each purpose rather than using one tool to try to do things that it was not meant to.  It was just too slow and inefficient to change multiple tools during one job.  Once I started using more sheet materials, Vacuum Hold down became very important.   My efficiency of each job was increased and the quality of the parts improved. The Smart Shop II is the center of my shop.  I couldn’t be happier with the performance, customer service, and quality.

M Lee


SmartShop II CNC Router
Name: John M. | Owner-Signs by Autografix
Review Date:10/24/2012 6:32 am     
Rating: 5

After quite a bit of internet research, we decided to add the Laguna 5'x10' Smartshop II. The combination of build quality, ease of use, product support, & value made the decision an easy one. We've had the machine setup and operating for three months and are extremely happy with our decision. I would highly recomend Laguna as a tool supplier, their 3hp dust collector attached to our CNC machine is a perfect match, and also works well.

Swift 48" X 96" 3HP CNC Router
Name: Lowell L.
Review Date:6/26/2012 6:10 am        
Rating: 5

I have been watching CNC for a long time before purchasing the Laguna Swift and I feel I have made the perfect choice. I have run it no less than 10 hours a day since setup and it runs flawless. Setup was just as easy as Router Bob shows it to be in the Videos and tech support is on the money when you need them. This machine may look small to some but it's a Heavy Weight in it's class. A very firm & Solid & quiet machine. The cutting sound of the router bit makes more noise than the machine. Right now I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with it. Thanks Laguna.


SmartShop II CNC Router
Name: Adam B.
Review Date:3/7/2012 7:43 p          
Rating: 5

We bought this machine not knowing the possiblities that it can accomplish. This machine has increased our production of finish grade products by more than 100 percent. Super fast and amazingly quiet. The Laguna Tools truely is number ONE when it comes to customer relations and product perfection. Every single day we were on the phone with Laguna and they were more than happy to answer any technical spec. question that we came up with. Amazing product and even better company!!


Swift 48" X 96" 3HP CNC Router
Name: Dale
Review Date:8/17/2012 7:11 am         
Rating: 4

I picked up a Swift 4 x 8 in fall of 2011. The web site states in can be wired single phase or 3 phase. The machine that was sent to me can only be wired single phase. I had pre-wired for both so it was not a problem. I did have some minor problems with the machine locking up. Laguna’s customer service, which is one of the best out there, helped me through the problem and I was able to fix it myself. Turns out the Y-axis motors loosened up on the trip to Wisconsin. I ran a great deal of cabinet parts with in the first month. This machine was a true time saver. I do realize it is a starter machine. It does seem like a work horse. I started to do 3-D work with the machine. I had a problem with the machine losing its Z-Axis. Once again customer service came through and realized I had a bad hand held controller. They sent me a new one and the problem went away. The hand held is not a problem once you get used to it. I am looking at the cnc lathe right now which uses the same hand held. I have purchased 6 machines from Laguna Tools over the last 8 or so years. I will continue to be one of their customers.

The learning curve is a few days of playing with it. The software I purchased from Laguna, VCarve Pro, is pretty easy to use


Laguna Tool CNC 4’x4’ Swift
Review Date:06/29/2016 12:30 pm     
Rating: 4

Last week I reached a milestone as I cut the 150,000th item with my Laguna Tool CNC 4’x4’ Swift. That’s from one machine in my business home garage. When I calculated the length of the raw material it came out to approximately 475 miles; that’s the distance from Orange County CA to San Fransisco. When I retired I started a small cabinet/furniture business, working with wood has always been my first love. Over the years the business evolved into two product lines. As business increased so did the need for an increase in production. The choice was to hire more workers or make an investment with a CNC machine, either choice was a large financial undertaking for a home business. So a little over four years ago, after months of looking at, travelling around for demos, talking to other users I made the decision to purchase a CNC machine from Laguna Tools. It’s the best decision I could have made for my business.

What made the tough decision easier for me was the staff at Laguna. Having never had much interaction with a CNC machine I had lots of questions. The Laguna staff was very helpful before and during the sale, which is expected when purchasing a piece of equipment. But to my surprise the ongoing technical support has been awesome. I cannot say that too lightly. During the original sale the support was like have a friend at the factory, but after the sale the support has become like having a family at the factory. Not only has the support been there for the machine, but the advice, tips, and suggestions have helped to grow my business’ bottom line.

Laguna Tool is a high quality machine at an affordable price. But for me what sets Laguna Tools apart from their competitors is their commitment and dedication to their customers – pre and post sale. Every employee I’ve come across is a true customer care and support expert. Can’t say enough about them, except a very big THANK YOU!





3 hp Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector
Name: Paul D.
Review Date:10/8/2012 1:23 pm       
Rating: 5

I've bought 2 of these units to collect dust from a packaging operation. They work great! I am getting ready for number 3 shortly.

2 hp Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector - Manual filter cleaning
Name: Robert G.
Review Date:6/20/2012 6:28 am          
Rating: 4

I have owned a Laguna 2HP mobile dust collector now for a little over two years. Overall I rate this unit as a good performer as it has plenty of suction,has a fairly small footprint, is relatively quiet and easy to maintain and is very mobile. The cartridge filter traps more of the fine dust than a typical collector that uses bags and to me this is a big plus.

The unit comes with a splitter for 2 four inch hoses and in my case I have a 20ft 4” hose on one leg and a 20 ft 2-1/2” hose on the other. The 4” hose is used individually on a jointer, a bandsaw, a table saw and router table and the 2-1/2” is used on a spindle sander, disc/belt sander and with adaptors, hand tools like biscuit jointer, Domino, orbital sanders as well as for general shop cleanup. In all instances the Laguna dust collector does the job well. My shop is small and with the collector centrally located I can reach all the machines without moving the the unit.

The only issues I have for this collector are that the amount of particulate carry over to the plastic bag attached to the bottom of the cartridge filter is substantial requiring the bag to be emptied fairly frequently. The bag inside the 29 gallon drum tends to want to get pulled into the cyclone when the bag is new and empty. To avoid this you need to put several pieces of wood (small offcuts) in the bottom to hold the bag in place. These are nuisance problems and given the price point of the unit you can live with these and be happy that your dust collection is generally well taken care of.

If you want to avoid the carry over you can buy Laguna's 3 hp dust collector which has a larger more efficient cyclone resulting in almost zero carry over which I observed at my friend's shop who has this larger unit. Just one caution, the suction on the 3 hp unit is truly impressive and could suck the dots off a Dalmatian dog standing ten paces away.

Either way, I am confident that a woodworker who buys Laguna's 2 or 3 hp dust collector is going to be quite satisfied with the performance and feel like he or she got a fair deal in the process.


2 hp Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector - Manual filter cleaning
Name: Mark H.
Review Date:5/26/2012 6:49 pm          
Rating: 5

Excellent machine. Easy to follow instructions and easy to assemble. Good quality construction and materials used in the product. Thiis is the first cyclone I have owned and i'am amazed at the power. I will definitly recommend this product to anyone that is in the market for a dust collector.


Laguna 2HP Cyclone Mobile Dust Collection (MDC0560-0145)
Name: Jerry K.
Review Date:6/29/2015 11:04 am          
Rating: 5

This unit was replacing a less powerful dust collection system (rated 1200 cfm). My shop has 6” main ducts and 4” drop-downs. The old dcs had a 4” inlet so I had to reduce the main duct down to 4”. The Laguna has a 6” inlet. So, the day before I was to receive my Laguna I dismantled the 4” reducer. When I looked into the 6” duct I was shocked to find an inch and a half of sawdust filling the bottom of the duct throughout my entire system! If the Laguna is not powerful enough to pull out all the wood shavings I am going to have to open all ductwork and manually clean it out.

I hooked up my new Laguna while my wife watched. When I turned it on you could hear all of the material being sucked through the ductwork. Within seconds my wife (who was looking in the window of the 30 gallon collection drum) said, “It’s full!” I said it couldn’t be. But when I looked for myself, sure enough, it was full! We emptied the drum and restarted the machine. It filled the drum half full before the ducts were cleaned out. I was absolutely amazed at the power of this machine. The suction slams the door closed on my router table and I have little material landing on the floor when I use my planer.

The machine is super easy to empty as the collection drum easily unhooks from the main unit and is on casters. The problem with the plastic bag getting sucked into the corners of the drum has been rectified as my model came with a steel cage that fits inside the bag forcing it to retain proper shape.

Not only is the machine powerful, but at 74db it’s about half as loud as my previous dcs. The fit and finish is excellent and it’s built like a tank. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and have no buyer’s remorse.





MEB5400-0200 Edgebander
Name: Jim
Review Date:2/16/2012 1:56 pm          
Rating: 5

I love this machine! A quality product that can run all day saving me time and money. The only down side is that I feel foolish for not buying it sooner!


Bandit 3/2
Name: Jim M. | Nostam Inc
"Up and running , all I can say right now is WOW ."




Laguna 24/36 Revo Lathe
Name: Walt C.
Review Date:6/12/2013 12:56 pm         
Rating: 5

This is a terrfic lathe and the price makes it that much sweeter. Has the capacity & power to handle large pieces.

Laguna 20-42 Lathe
Name: Tom C.
Review Date:7/9/2012 6:25 am       
Rating: 5

The 20-42 is an excellent piece of equipment. Ready to use out of the box. Simple to operate. Produces excellent results. Couldn't be more pleased.

Platinum Series 18-47 Lathe
Name: Neil M.
Review Date:9/18/2012 4:17 pm           
Rating: 4

I have used this lathe regularly for the past year and a half. It lacks two things that would really enhance its utility - an easy to use mobility kit (I use a 1000 lb hydraulic table from HF) and a means to adjust the height of the spindle (I made a base for each end). The paint is peeling away from the legs and the ways, but this is only cosmetic. The lathe runs true and has handled the large bowl blanks and tiny hollow forms and spindle work effortlessly. I wish the knockout rod were beefier but that was easy to make too. I am not sure of the oomph of the torque at low end speeds (100 is about as low as I can get mine) but I've managed. The head stock and tail stock move up and down the ways easily and are readily secured. Very quiet. I would buy it again. about a two headed LED flex stalk lamp set as an accessory??


Lathe - 18/47
Name: Ronnie R.           

"In all the woodworking that I have done in my life, I have to say that wood turning is the most immediately satisfying thing that I have ever done.  Thanks for a great tool at a great price for a great time!"


Lathe - 18/47
Name: Steve C.
Review Date:01/21/2014 1:11 pm         

My purchase of the 18/47 lathe was a big decision on my part. I owned a popular model 14/42 which was purchased new over two years ago. There were big problems with the belt wearing which caused much annoyance. Finally the company sent a brand new machine. I immediately sold it and purchased the Laguna 18/47. I belong to two turning clubs and everyone who has seen the machine thinks it was a great buy. They compared it to or equal to a popular machine costing nearly twice as much. The drive on the Laguna 18/47 is better than the one just mentioned. The machine is heavy enough to handle large blanks. The movement of the sliding head to the end of the bed works to my advantage. Several of my wood turner friends think that it is a well-made machine and quite adequate for any job. All of them said that if they were in the market, they would give this lathe serious consideration.

Lathe - 18/36
Name: Bill B.
Review Date:05/22/2015 2:00 pm         

Recently, at a weekend woodturning event, one of the local (Houston SW) Woodcraft stores brought a new Laguna Revo 18/36, for all the attendees to “kick the tires”, and take it for a “spin”.   The initial walk around; lead me to discover more of its features…

The first thing I noticed was the beefy cast iron ways and legs… A nice wide stance, which included lockable heavy-duty casters on each leg.   Sitting on this foundation of strength and weight, is the sliding headstock/motor.  The first thing I notice about the headstock is the distance between the inboard and outboard bearings.  This distance is essential for proper support for the spindle.  This is important if you have a large heavy piece of green wood hung cantilevered waiting to be hollowturned… It will happen….

The spindle thread is 1 ¼” x 8 tpi, with a #2 Morse taper.  Fully adequate for this large format lathe.  The “running gear” for the Revo 18/36 is a 220 volt, 2 HP variable speed motor.  The power is passed along by two speed ranges.... The low speed range is from 50 rpm to 1300 rpm. Plenty of power to hog off shaving yet slow enough to apply finish without slinging it off.  Then there is the high speed range…. More about that later….  The controls are simple and easy to read and access. The spindle lock is spring loaded and requires holding in, to “lock” the spindle. Also on the headstock is an indexing feature.  It has 3 different rows of indexing positions, not a feature I use frequently…. But it did require a bit of “fiddling with” getting it engage properly, when changing indexing ranges… I didn’t measure the knock out bar, but is l o o o o n g…. and provides a lot of mass for removing a spurdrive…

 The banjo/toolrest is nice, moves easily and has a unique clamping mechanism to keep from marring the shaft of the toolrest.  The 12” toolrest has a nice comfortable shape with a hard surfaced rod, where it contacts the turning tools.  Last but not least, the tailstock. No skimping on the quality of the tailstock.  It locks nice and firm with a smooth hand wheel action.  The tailstock is also a #2 morse taper.  There is a removable pen that must be removed for the tailstock to be removed.  The tailstock is not overly heavy… This 71 year old could easily remove it, and reinstall it.

Now let’s take it for a test drive…. Like any good woodturners, I just happen to have a nice big piece of freshly cut Sycamore in the back of my truck…. 14” in diameter and about 5” thick.  Perfect for a test drive….

Plenty of power and stability for roughing. As I was roughing and shaping this piece there was never a time that I “bogged down” the lathe. I can, with the right tool and piece of wood, purposely cause any lathe to bog down. The interesting thing… The whole time I was turning this piece, it was in the “high” speed range… Plenty of Power….!! Quiet, Smooth, Stable (even on casters) Very impressive.  Only minor issue, the speed control knob sticks up about an inch, and it is adjacent to the ON/OFF switch.  Several times when I went to hit the on/off switch I bumped the speed control slowing the lathe down, and when restarting was running much slower…. I finally figured out what was happening…I could fix that with an O-ring around the speed control to give it a little more friction…

 A fine lathe to turn on and a lot of “bang for the buck”   The price tag hanging on this lathe was $2499.





Industrial 25" Planer 15HP 3PH
Name: Brandon B.
Review Date:1/31/2012 6:02 am          
Rating: 5

I received my Laguna 25” planer Friday Jan. 27-2012. It arrived 3 days earlier than scheduled; witch was a nice surprise. I absolutely love it. Since its arrival I have planed two orders of lumber 506bf of Cherry, and a combination of Alder and Hard Maple totaling about 300bf. There is no sign of the carbide loosing its edge yet. Not to mention that the planer is practically silent. When using my previous straight knife planer everyone in the 5,000 sqft shop should have been wearing hearing protection, the Laguna shear tec 2 cutter cuts so quietly I was able to answer my phone and have a conversation while planning (not recommended, I know) but the point is its extremely quiet and smooth running. I ran all my material threw the planer taking a 1/8” pass each time at 30lf per min and there was virtually no snipe. It only tool me about 30min to tune the planer after getting it set in place. The double out-feed rollers do an amazing job minimizing snipe. I am ending up with about 2 thousandths of and inch of snipe on the end of the board, its invisible to the eye, almost invisible to the touch and it’s only on the last 1-1/2” of the board so it will be cut off. Being able to run multiple boards at once really speeds up my production, the only thing I’m unhappy about is now that I see how nice this cutter head is I have to install one on my 20” Oliver jointer.


Industrial 25" Planer
Name: Brandon B. | Natural Expressions

"Goes in looking gross and comes out looking like cash." "You can't tell from the video but all the noise is coming from my brothers planing on my powermatic. The Laguna is almost silent."

Video of machine in operation




Platinum Series Tablesaw w/ Dovetail Mech Left-tilt
Name: James S.
Review Date:3/16/2012 8:52 pm           
Rating: 5

I searched for almost a year to find a saw that I would be really happy with for the rest of my life. My brother looked for even longer. He sent me to Lagunas web site about 2 years ago to take a look at the platinum series saw with dovetails, and I was sold. It took a while to finally do it, considering some of the reviews and horror stories I have read, but defiantly worth it. Every penny. The customer service is way above what I ever expected and the saw itself is what the claim it is. This thing is bad ass to the hilt! I could have got one of the big names, but way when this saw has it all without all the extra junk. From the four horse motor to the heavy duty trunions and drive belt, no plastic in the mechanics, to the stability and most importantly, the safety features. And that’s what sold it in the end. The quick release system works great and the riveting knife is a perfect compliment. The fence though, the fence on this thing is the best I have used, and I have been using cabinet saws for years with all types of fences. If I couldn’t afford this saw, I would be thinking about buying just the fence to upgrade an existing saw. Let’s not forget all the add ons you can get too. The sliding table and router table will be perfect. I don’t know of any manufacture that offers these types of things aftermarket all in one place. I am truly happy and satisfied. This is a strait up saw with the best value. one other thing, who makes a saw of this grade with a four horse motor? there is only one thing i would sugest and thats a knees switch for hands free shut off.


Platinum Series Tablesaw Left-tilt w/ T-square Fence  
Name: Gary G.
Review Date:1/9/2013 12:03 pm   
Rating: 5

Simply an awsome saw. Very powerful, no vibration and cuts like a cold knife through HOT butter. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Gary

Platinum Series Tablesaw Sliding Table
Name: John M.
Review Date:4/30/2012 9:45 am            
Rating: 4

The sliding table is well constructed and glides very easily. It appears that the table could easily be installed on most table and contractor saws. The fence is a solid extruded aluminum piece that has ample slots top and front to allow the user to adapt custom jigs and fence additions. Compared to other after market sliding tables I believe this unit is superior in construction and adaptability.





School Workbench  
Name: Gary G.
Review Date:1/9/2013 12:15 pm    
Rating: 5

I purchased the 96" work bench with cabinets as shown on the homepage for the Laguna Workbenches. I have compared this workbench with supposed the best workbenches on the market and this workbench is hands down the best of the best! This workbench is 725 pounds of solid European Red Beech awsomeness. And, an excellent value for the cost. I would put the workbench up against any workbench available on the market!


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