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Laguna CNC routers are the most technologically advanced CNC routers in woodworking today. From the table top CNC IQ machine to the SmartShop II CNC Series & Puma CNC router, every CNC router carries the quality and features found in CNC routers costing almost 2X as much. WOW! If you are a small shop - The NEW CNC IQ or the SWIFT CNC router is a perfect fit.

Got a production facility? - Get one of our SmartShop CNC routers today. Router cabinet fixtures all day long from melamine cabinets to hard woods - Get a Laguna CNC router! Features like touch-screen interfaces and B&R Austrian quality CNC controllers make our CNC routers a perfect fit in any woodshop. We not only sell these great routers but also sell the CNC routing software to go with them. Every router carries a full year warranty and our great technical team support! Why wait - Get one today!

Want to get started? Laguna Tools recommends and sells the following software for your new cnc machine! To try the software before you buy it click on the buttons to see what cnc machining is all about.

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