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A Laguna CNC router is a technologically advanced, highly affordable CNC router. From smaller footprint CNCs, like the IQ and the Swift series, to the powerful and versatile SmartShop® series, Laguna has a CNC router to fit your needs.

Laguna CNCs are not just for cutting wood. Laguna also has the SmartShop | MT — ideal for sign making — and the SmartShop CF16 composite fabricator — perfect for cutting aluminum. Lastly, there's Laguna Plasma, a plasma cutter for ferrous metals.

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The IQ is Laguna's small CNC router, ideal for prototyping and smaller production runs.

Laguna's Swift is a t-slot CNC router with a smaller footprint. It's accurate enough to be creative, yet sturdy enough to be highly productive.

Laguna's SmartShop® series are powerful and versatile CNC routers that can easily handle an assortment of applications.

Laguna's SmartShop® CF16 CNC router is a composite fabricator ideal for cutting aluminum.

Laguna's SmartShop® | MT is a multi-tool CNC router that is ideal for the sign industry.

Create incredible detailed spindles with an automated CNC lathe from Laguna.

Laguna Plasma is a powerful plasma cutter ideal for cutting ferrous metals.

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Options and accessories for Laguna CNC routers

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