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Millennium Ice
Millennium Ice Meets Machine Tools

Customers of Laguna Tools use their machines with materials that range from metals to wood to composites. But perhaps the coolest use of a Laguna Tools machine is found in the work of Ron Meyn, a professional ice sculptor since 1999. Meyn as owns and operates Millennium Ice and The Ice Store, located in Huntington Beach, CA, since 2011.

Crafting innovative new products in "the Canyon"

The Anaheim, CA, industrial district known as "the Canyon" was a vital part of Southern California's once thriving aviation industry. Today, the area is home to a diverse gathering of technology and fabrication companies, many of them startups. Among these companies is Creative Research and Fabrication Technology, better known as C.R.A.F.T.

Deer Park High School
The SmartShop® II Goes to School – Twice.

Deer Park High School has seen many changes in his thirty-plus years as an educator, including the evolution of his subject from what was called "shop," to today's Industrial Technology. What hasn't changed is his loyalty to the Laguna Tools' SmartShop® II router.

Romano Designs
Mario Romano: Beyond Architecture to "Art-chitecture" with Laguna Tools


Mario Romano is a custom home builder based in Santa Monica, California. Unlike many home builders, Romano and his associates literally work "outside the box" and avoid the square structures that typify much residential architecture. Romano practices what he alternately refers to as "disruptive architecture," or "art-chitecture."
Newview Oklahoma
Newview Oklahoma and Laguna Tools: New Opportunities for the Visually Impaired


Newview Oklahoma empowers, and consequently changes, the lives of its workforce – 75% of whom are blind or visually impaired. These jobs play an important role in the restoration of the independence many of its employees feared they had lost. A Laguna Tools SmartShop® II 4 X 8 table is an important part of the jobs and the hope and empowerment they create.

Laguna Tools and Madefirst: Now Appearing on Stages, on Screens and in Stores


Where do you turn if you need an outsize replica of a cosmetics jar, multiple LED-powered lightboxes for a house of worship, or a stage set for a touring musical act? For a vast array of organizations, from opera companies and trade show participants, to major retailers and film and TV companies, the answer is

Savvy Cycles
Wood on Wheels


“The Swift does things you just can’t do by hand,” continues Mike. “Even better, it does them much faster and more accurately. Changes are easy, too. We can reprogram it in a fraction of the time that it would take with a template router. We don’t just use it on wood, either. We regularly cut aluminum with it.”

Pomona College Art Department
Untitled Document
Pomona College Art Department
Claremont, California

The Pomona College Art Department is now using a new Laguna Smartshop2
CNC Machine to aid in the creation of furniture and sculptural art.
The Story of
It Came From The Garage: The Story of

It's a classic American success story. Visionaries meet in garages and great ideas emerge. One such idea is the line of high-quality, vintage-style teardrop trailers from Camp-Inn The Necedah, Wisconsin, company was born when Craig Edevold was planning a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Edevold and his friend Cary Winch, both mechanical engineers, saw a teardrop trailer.....

The Story of Larry Marley and
From Laguna Tools' Employee To Employer Of Laguna Tools: The Story Of Larry Marley &

"Laguna Tools has played a pretty big role in the way my woodturning has advanced," said Larry Marley of, the Mission Viejo, California's jury-rated creator of teapots, bowls, Christmas ornaments and other examples of fine wood turning. "After all, I used to work there." So begins the story.......

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