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The Story of
It Came From The Garage: The Story of

It's a classic American success story. Visionaries meet in garages and great ideas emerge. One such idea is the line of high-quality, vintage-style teardrop trailers from Camp-Inn The Necedah, Wisconsin, company was born when Craig Edevold was planning a family trip to the Grand Canyon. Edevold and his friend Cary Winch, both mechanical engineers, saw a teardrop trailer.....

The Story of Larry Marley and
From Laguna Tools' Employee To Employer Of Laguna Tools: The Story Of Larry Marley &

"Laguna Tools has played a pretty big role in the way my woodturning has advanced," said Larry Marley of, the Mission Viejo, California's jury-rated creator of teapots, bowls, Christmas ornaments and other examples of fine wood turning. "After all, I used to work there." So begins the story.......

On The Wall Racks
From Hanging Ten to Hanging on the Wall: Surf's Up at and Laguna Tools

Surfboards and their close cousins, paddle, skate and snowboards, are often works of art as well as platforms for a thrilling ride over water, pavement or snow. It's no wonder that many surfers, regardless of their favorite surface, enjoy displaying their boards as well as riding them.

A Smartshop II Cnc Router Makes Success Automatic For Signs By Autografix
A Smartshop II CNC Router Makes Success Automatic For Signs By Autografix

John Miller wasn't thinking about automotive graphics when he founded Signs by Autografix, the full-service sign company he runs with his wife Heidi in Branford, CT. Instead, John picked the name to convey the idea of the "automatic graphic design" and added "Signs by" as a clarification.

Maui Trading
Twice A Paradise: Laguna Tools Machines In A Hawaiian Wood Shop

If you're reading this you could easily consider a shop full of Laguna Tools woodworking equipment an earthly paradise. Now, consider that same shop on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. Almost beyond description, isn't it? But that's exactly where Greg Davidge of the Maui Trading Company, (MTC), finds himself every day.

Mckinley Middle School’s Woodworking Program
Laguna Tools Goes Back To School With Mckinley Middle School’s Woodworking Program

Woodworkers, not unlike wood itself, must be given time to grow. That simple fact is the foundation of Laguna Tools’ participation in the woodworking program headed by teacher Rand Hall at McKinley Middle School (MMS).

Edwards Interior Aerospace
Edwards Interior Aerospace Has Soared On The Wings Of Stellar Woodworking Craftsmanship And Customer Service.

When Edwards Interior Aerospace started taxiing down the runway for its maiden flight in 1998, few industry insiders could have predicted the company’s impressive ascent in the highly competitive corporate jet market category.

Lee’s Country Woods
Lee’s Country Woods: Where The Woodworking Arts Meet The Martial Arts

The martial arts are more frequently associated with breaking boards than milling them. But Mike Lee, the owner of Lee’s Country Woods in Wood Lake, Minnesota, has managed to combine both worlds, with the help of a Laguna Tools Smart Shop II 4 X 8 ATC. 

Design Dynamics
From boats to banners: How Laguna Tools & Design Dynamics Expands Each Other's Capabilities In The Signage Industry

A company that identifies, gears up for and enters a new market is a classic business scenario. But when such a company enables a key supplier to discover and ultimately enter a new market as well, a true win-win situation is created. Such is the relationship that has emerged from the close association between Laguna Tools and Design Dynamics.

Social Media Meets Sawdust at Facebook’s Menlo Park Campus
Situated on Facebook's sprawling campus in Menlo Park, California, is a beautifully designed facility where social media meets sawdust.

"The overarching idea is to provide employees with an enjoyable diversion from their daily activities and to inspire creativity apart from their computers, tablets and smartphones," said Robbie Pinaula, Project Lead at the Menlo Park Campus. "MPK has already attracted about 350 Facebook employees who are having a blast making everything from cutting boards to fine furniture for their homes."
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